Matt Smith plays the Doctor again – this time on his iPad!

I’ve got some really cool news on the Doctor Who games front. But let me start with a question. Did you know that the 47-year-old Doctor Who programme is roughly the same age as the video and computer games industry? It’s true. And given their shared histories, we thought it was it high time for the Doctor to start making regular appearances across multiple gaming platforms so that fans could join the Doctor in defeating enemies, solving devious puzzles, and restoring peace throughout time.

Happily for us, Matt Smith agrees. Check out what Matt had to say as he actually plays himself in the iPad action puzzle game ‘Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time’.

There’s a real renaissance around Doctor Who and games, but let’s start with the mobile game that Matt couldn’t get his hands off. In worldwide release, the Doctor Who iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad game is receiving critical acclaim and great user reviews. The game is an adventure puzzler that takes you through increasingly complex environmental challenges to test your mind and reflexes, from ancient Incan temples, to the frozen tombs of Telos and a stunning finale on a Dalek ship. You play as both the Doctor and his companion, Amy Pond, utilising their unique skills and abilities to solve challenges. Soon to be launched on Android Smartphones, the game boasts over 100 brain twisting puzzles in seven unique locations and features Daleks, Cybermen and Silurians.

At the New Year, we introduced a new downloadable content pack for ‘The Mazes of Time’ called ‘The Christmas Trap’ featuring the Autons. And just this week we added a brand new adventure download pack featuring the Weeping Angels in their first ever video game appearance. The levels are all based on darkness, light and sound. Use light, for example, to avoid being attacked by the Angels, who move quickly in the darkness. Imagine how creepy it is as you run through passages with the Sonic Screwdriver lighting the way. You hear the stone scraping behind you – and then you turn to find Angels right behind you!

Along with the new Weeping Angels level pack, we’ve also included an easy to use level creator that allows anyone to make their own ‘Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time’ adventures and share them with friends.  We spent a lot of time finessing the UI to build an editor that is simple and fast to use, but allows players access to all the different game pieces and enemies in the original. We had a great time making ‘The Mazes of Time’, but we’re especially excited to open the game up and let everybody make their own unique levels.

Last year saw a landmark moment in Doctor Who with its first console release on Nintendo’s Wii and DS platforms for kids, and a cool set of game peripherals including the popular Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote. But the really huge news around Doctor Who games is the upcoming autumn release of ‘Doctor Who: Worlds in Time’, the first-ever online social gaming experience for fans of TV’s longest-running sci-fi show. The game is being developed by Three Rings, a renowned British-run game development studio located in San Francisco, who have created classics such as ‘Puzzle Pirates’. Fans and newcomers alike will get to experience the vast universe of Doctor Who as they travel through space and time to save the universe and stave off the forces of evil. BBC Worldwide first announced the game at the Annual Game Developers Conference, where it was greeted with enthusiasm by the press and fans. At July’s world-renowned Comic-Con conference in San Diego, we will be unveiling more information about this exciting new project and providing fans a unique opportunity to learn about the game. 

Teaser? There’s big news for 2012 that we can’t talk about just yet. Watch this space!

In the meantime, Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time is available from the App Store in the UK, US and Australia.

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